My joy and peace
My sorrow and pain
My life I want to share
With someone
Who's there
With someone who listens
Someone who cares.
My all I want to give
To the mind and body of another
For us to connect
In that most magical manner.

I wonder if I'll ever know it
That love that all desire
I wonder if it does exist
That puzzle piece
With which I'd fit.

They all can talk
And try to teach me
Hold me tight
And try to reach me
But none of them seem
To truly get me.
They hold on to the person 
That I used to be
While losing the one
I am becoming, clearly.

So when I close my eyes 
I see, I feel
I hear the words that someone speaks
And know that they are just for me.
And when I awaken
From this most beautiful of dreams
I search the night sky
For a sign of what seems
To be another soul
Calling for me.

© Ricarda Haeseler and, 2019. 
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