In moments when you think about the world
And say:
With all this anger, pain and haste,
How could I ever be happy living in this place?
Don't let the thought that the world will never be perfect
Make you think that life isn't worth it.
See the potential that lies in everything and everyone
And the power you have to change what is going wrong.
Do what you can
And let hope
And the wish to make the world a better place
Give you the strength to take on this challenge with grace
Be thankful for the beautiful sides of life,
For the ability to stand up for what matters
And for the people who help you thrive
You are not alone
With all the others who are already on your side
And the ones to whom you will become a guide
Potential can be turned into reality
And even when you come to the end of your little piece of infinity
What mattered to you will live on in the hearts of others
And that way, you'll do wonders

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