I want to light a flame inside of me
To bring joy to all who know me
To guide them through the hardest times
And grow from happy memories

I want to light a flame inside of me
To inspire all who know me
To give kindness, patience, open arms
And never judge or harm

But how can my little flame survive
in the midst of this frightening storm
When thrashing waves of ice cold water
Threaten to quench it and make cold what was warm?

When all this darkness comes to consume me
I open my eyes and see it clearly:
My little flame is not the only one
Others are always there to come
To give me hope, to give me love
And rekindle my flame when it has almost given up.

My little flame is not enough
To fix all that's broken
And make smooth all that's rough
But my little flame is not alone
And with our big, warm fire of love
The storm is only half as tough
And my flame will finally feel like it is doing enough.

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