365 notes in a box

My best friend´s birthday is coming up soon so I started thinking about the gift I could give to her a while ago. She is turning 18 so I wanted it to be something very special and personal. Suddenly, the idea of writing her 365 notes for every day of the year popped into my head and I knew that it was the perfect thing to do.

It was definitely a lot of work, but that only makes me more excited to give it to her soon. I thought I would share this with you in case you have been wondering about the perfect gift for a friend, too.

The categories

Basically, I came up with seven categories, one for each day of the week. All categories except one contain 52 notes. The seventh one contains one more to get to 365 in total. The categories I went with are:

  • compliments
  • tasks/challenges
  • memories
  • quotes about friendship
  • happy facts
  • hopes and wishes for the future
  • motivational quotes

The steps

First, you should start a new word document for every category and choose the different colours you want to use. Then, you can start making the lists. Take your time for this. It will stress you out very fast if you try to do it in a couple of days. Finding 52 things to put into every category can be quite challenging, but I can assure you that you will get there if this present is for someone you know well and like a lot. It took me a little more than two weeks and I think it would have been better for me had I given myself some more time.

When you are done making the lists, you can print them out. To make sure that the front and the back of the pages are colourful, you will have to insert a blank page in between every one of your full pages and one at the end of each document. Many printers will print the pages in white at first, even if you have chosen a background colour under “design”. To make them come out in colour, you have to change your preferences. This is very easy and if you have not already done something like this, there is a short tutorial on it on YouTube.

When the pages are all printed out, you just cut them into strips, one for each note and then start folding them. This can become really annoying after a while, so take your time, and trust me, it will be worth it in the end.

The result

Now you have 365 notes, divided into seven categories, nicely colour coded. The only thing left to do is to mix them and then put them into some kind of container. I have seen many people put them into huge glass jars, which looks very nice. I did not have one of those at home and just decided to put them into that cute suprise gift box you saw in the beginning. Maybe I will still change that, but I also like the way it looks now.

Why do I love this idea so much?

I think that this question can be answered very quickly. Writing 365 notes for a friend is a present in which you put a lot of time, effort and thought. Thus, it is one that will truly show your friend how much they mean to you. Moreover, it encourages them to be positive, mindful and thankful every single day of the year.


Writing 365 notes for a friend is in my eyes a great present, which shows them how much they mean to you and encourages them to be mindful and positive each day of the year. If you have a friend for whose birthday you are still looking for a present, I highly recommend this to you. It is a lot of work, so you should definetely give yourself enough time for it, but when you are done, it is really satisfying to see the result. Giving this present to my friend is something I am really looking forward to. I used seven categories for the notes: compliments, challenges, memories, wishes for the future, happy facts, quotes about friendship and motivational quotes.

If you decide to try this out too, please tell us how it went and how your friend reacted. It could truly have a positive impact on their life. Because remember: You may be a small part of this world, but you are not insignificant!